Monday, April 18, 2011

G. and V. - Lawn Saints and Performance on the MBTA Subway

G. ~ Grottos and Lawn Saints

"Celestial Wreath"

On my way home from an MFA Thesis exhibition at the Tufts Gallery, I briefly got lost down a dark neighborhood street. Out of my right side window, I drove by a celestial vision. A few feet away, I stopped the car abruptly. Thankfully no one was behind me! I'd seen religious lawn ornaments before but none that so beautifully lit up the dark, starless night.

After a bit of research, I discovered that the nighttime vision was most likely St. Anthony holding baby Jesus. For more information check out, "Why St. Anthony Holds the Child Jesus" by Jack Wintz, O.F.M.

Red Line, Alewife

V. ~ Performance Art on the T

The train pulling out that morning from Alewife was vacant, except for a lone traveler and her witness (me). The artist, Veena, prepared for her performance as passengers at the next stop filed in unknowing. Over the course of the outbound journey, passengers came and went, while she transformed before their eyes. The following is a poem inspired by her performance.

"Vacant, Voyage, Vibration"

From Alewife to Andrew's
She sang, waxed and waned
While passengers pulled away
Indian woman, yellow
To the core, applying turmeric
Gently, insanity abounds
Inbound, Outbound
All Around
Can someone help you, ma'am?
Are you sure where you are?

Photo credits and poetry by Angela M. Counts